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Our Story

Our Story - Cupcakes Near Me

In 2009, founder of Cupcake World, Iris Casanova, and her cupcake-obsessed daughter, Sam, signed up for cake decorating classes at their local arts and crafts store. Week by week, Iris fell in love with the art of piping and decorating and realized that this would be more than a hobby (Sam, on the other hand, preferred to taste-test). Once she learned the basic skills, she realized she had to master them, as she has always been her own fiercest competition. She began practicing at home, creating cupcake recipes for her three children, the official taste-testers and others looking for cupcakes near me, and posting her creations on her personal social media outlets. It wasn’t long before her friends and family started placing orders and challenging Iris with extravagant requests, none of which she ever turned down.

In 2011, she shared her new-found passion with the South Florida community as she began selling her cupcakes at several farmers’ markets.  Soon thereafter, she began to sell to local supermarkets and bakeries and creating designs for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, baptisms, engagements, corporate meetings, and all types of events. Life was sweet, but Iris wanted to expand her business. In 2013, she taught herself to create elaborate, tiered cakes, trendy cake pops, and decorated sugar cookies, offering more than cupcakes to her customers but rather a world of yummy that only our bakery in Florida can offer. Our cupcakes are baked with extreme care and delicacy. This is to ensure that every bite is just as delicious as the last.

Day to day, Cupcake World works to bring smiles to their customers always guided by their three favorite mottos, “There is no such thing as too much glitter,” “Fondant is a ‘fonDON’T,’” and “Always eat dessert first.” Now, My Cupcake World has evolved into a beautiful bakery in Miramar, Florida. Check out our shop page, or any of our other product pages to find out more! Whether you are looking for cupcakes near me, or are across the country, we can offer you our delicious cupcakes at low prices at our Miramar cupcake bakery.

Our Mission

"Sweeten days by delivering beautiful and delicious creations for any occasion whether big or small"